Jumpin’ January Interactive Worship Service

Jumpin’ January Interactive Worship Service


Sunday, January 29, Starting at 10:00am    Join us for a single, special service together



9:30 – 10:00          Opening Social Hour (because people will still show up for worship at 9:30)


10:00 – 10:30        Worship (we all begin in the sanctuary)


10:35 – 10:55         Workshop I

11:00 – 11:20          Workshop II


11:25 – 11:45          Worship (we all return together in the sanctuary to complete the service we started earlier)


11:45 – 12:30          Social Hour


These activities are offered during two 20-minute sessions during the 10am worship service on January 29.  Choose any two, or you may remain in the same activity for both sessions.

Sanctuary:  Meditation – Douglas Taylor

Social Hall:  Listening Games – Ann Kadlecek

Room 3:  Large Group Games / Listening Walk           – Jo VonRue

Room 7:  StoryCorps – Monika Fridrich

Room 9:  GROK (Non-Violent Communication)

     Games – Kathleen Cooke and Lisa Sienkiewicz

Room 11 (downstairs): Drumming – Nick May