Maasai Presentation and Potluck this Friday, June 24

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You are Invited to a Very Special Event…Friday, June 24th

You are invited to meet Kamishina (David) ole Nkuito, a Maasai leader visiting from Kenya at a reception for him Friday, June 24th in the Social Hall starting at 6:00.

We will have a pot luck dinner to introduce him to American foods. This is the first time he has been to the U.S. and he wishes to thank us for the $500 gift from the Endowment toward a young Maasai girl’s education. After we eat, David will give us a presentation about his people and life in Kenya.

Please bring your favorite potluck foods to share and we will have paper and pens to identify them for David. He will love it. So please join us for a good time on June 24th. The Friday morning SGM are helping with the arrangements. If you have any questions, contact Dolores Elliott Dolores Elliott at 729-0016.