Looking Ahead to General Assembly-How you can be part of it!

General Assembly (GA) is where a few thousand UUs gather each year to worship together, learn from one another, and create a new vision of faith.  This year’s theme is Heart Land: Where Faiths Connect.  Across the globe, people are crossing borders of religion and spiritual practice to create wholeness in their lives. The labels—Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, humanist, theist and non-theist—are no longer the primary way we define how religion, spirituality, faith, and practice come together. In our quest to bring more love and justice into the world, we find ourselves in partnership with people following different religious and spiritual paths. The richness of those encounters deepens our faith, strengthens our work for justice, and encourages connections with those who are “spiritual but not religious.” 

There are hundreds workshops, dozens of worship services, and a fabulous banner parade where hundreds of congregations carry their banners through the convention hall to live music!

Each year GA is in a different part of the  country — this year it will be in Columbus, Ohio, about an 8 hour drive from Binghamton.  We’ll be arranging carpooling.  GA is June 22-26 (Wed. – Sun.).  Registration and housing reservations are at www.uua.org/ga.