Who Cares? We do!

We are a caring community and we all want to help each other, but sometimes we don’t know where the need is. We now have a Caring Team who will identify the need for care in our UUCB community and let us know how we can help!  Our brand new Caring Community Card(shown below) which lists common types of care requests will be in the order of service this Sunday. Be sure to fill it out and return it so that you will be able to help out in all the ways that you would like to. If you will not be attending services this Sunday, consider printing this card and returning it to the UUCB office, or pick up a copy the next time you are there.

The Caring Team – Cecily O’Neil, Suzanne Thrasher, Andrea Wright, Carol Finch, Suzanne Sullivan, Delores Elliott, Janet Landow